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At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we believe there’s always hope in the fight against cancer – no matter how dire the circumstances. We know how scary a cancer diagnosis can be, but we’re committed to helping you beat cancer through world-class cancer treatment. We offer a wide range of treatments at our cancer centers, and we’ll work with you to create a comprehensive treatment plan if you’re diagnosed with abdominal cancer.

About CyberKnife

Abdominal cancer is defined as any cancer that starts in the organs or tissues of the abdomen, including pancreatic, liver, stomach, and other forms of cancer. Thankfully, CyberKnife can be used to treat most cases of abdominal cancer.

CyberKnife is a revolutionary radiation therapy treatment that combines some of the most advanced medical technologies in the world to offer a convenient, noninvasive form of treatment. Using a precision robotic arm, CyberKnife delivers high-dose radiation directly to the site of the tumor with sub-millimeter accuracy, allowing your cancer doctor to deliver a strong dose of radiation without damaging surrounding tissues.

CyberKnife also uses the Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System, allowing it to track and compensate for normal, involuntary movement of the tumor caused by things like breathing and the shifting of gases in the abdominal tract. Because CyberKnife can account for this movement in real time, you don’t need to wear uncomfortable braces or immobility devices as you do with other forms of radiation therapy.

CyberKnife Treatment for Abdominal Cancer

Your exact treatment course will vary based on the specific type and stage of cancer you’re diagnosed with, but CyberKnife is generally among the most convenient cancer treatments on the market. Most patients can receive their dose of radiation over the course of 1 to 5 consecutive days, and many patients feel well enough to continue their day after the appointment. Your appointments will last about an hour, and the treatment itself is remarkably comfortable: you just lie down on the treatment couch and let CyberKnife deliver precision radiation to eliminate your tumor. After finishing your treatment, we’ll schedule a follow-up to ensure the tumor has disappeared and everything looks normal.

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CyberKnife may not be right for everyone, but many abdominal cancer patients can treat their cancer comfortably and conveniently with CyberKnife. Even if we can’t use CyberKnife in your case, we offer a wide range of other cancer treatment options, and your doctor will work closely with you to develop a plan. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our cancer center or the treatments we offer, or schedule a treatment consultation online to find out if CyberKnife is right for you. We look forward to helping you beat cancer and reclaim a healthy, normal life.

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