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At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we understand how frightening a cancer diagnosis can be – but no matter what you’re up against, we’re committed to helping you beat it. As a leading provider of comprehensive cancer care to patients throughout the Phoenix, AZ area, we’re proud to offer a wide range of cancer treatment options to our patients. While we provide a number of options, our flagship treatment is CyberKnife – and it can often be effective against colorectal cancer.


About CyberKnife


CyberKnife is a state-of-the-art radiation therapy system that combines some of the most cutting-edge medical technologies in the world to produce a revolutionary cancer treatment. Using a precision robotic arm, CyberKnife is able to deliver high-dose radiation to virtually any part of the body, all with sub-millimeter accuracy. That means CyberKnife can provide comfortable, effective cancer treatment without damaging tissues surrounding the tumor.


In addition to precision robotics, CyberKnife uses the Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System, allowing it to track tumor movement caused by breathing and other involuntary motion. CyberKnife can then compensate for these movements in real time – so you don’t have to wear uncomfortable braces or immobility devices.


CyberKnife Treatment for Colorectal Cancer


We can often use CyberKnife to treat colorectal cancer, especially if the cancer is diagnosed early on. Whether the tumor has developed in the lining of the colon or the rectum, your cancer doctor will work with you to develop a comprehensive treatment plan that eliminates the tumor and helps you overcome cancer.


Every patient and treatment course is different, but generally, CyberKnife patients receive their treatment over the course of one to five consecutive treatment appointments. Each appointment lasts roughly an hour, and the process is convenient and comfortable: just lie down on the treatment couch and let CyberKnife deliver high-dose radiation directly to your cancer. After the treatment, we’ll carefully monitor your tumor to determine the efficacy of treatment and create a post-treatment plan based on those results.


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If you or a loved one are battling colorectal cancer, we understand that you may feel overwhelmed – but we’re here for you. Working together, you and your cancer treatment team will create a treatment plan that fits into your lifestyle and helps you beat cancer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and find out if CyberKnife is right for you.

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