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At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, your total health is our number one priority. We’re proud to provide exert cancer treatment to patients throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area, and our team of expert doctors and cancer specialists works hard to customize each treatment plan to perfectly suit our patients’ unique needs. We settle for nothing but the best at our facilities, incorporating the latest in cutting-edge technology into everything we do – and nowhere is that more apparent than in our cancer treatments.

World-Class Cancer Treatment in Phoenix

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer, Palo Verde Cancer Specialists is ready to help. Most forms of prostate cancer are not very aggressive and usually very treatable and manageable – and at PVCS, we’re proud to use some of the most effective cancer treatments in the world. Our treatment facilities are fully equipped with the more cutting-edge radiation oncology technology in the world, including the world-renowned Tomotherapy, CyberKnife, and TrueBeam treatment systems.

Comprehensive Radiation Oncology

Palo Verde Cancer Specialists is equipped with the latest in cancer treatment technology, and we work with our patients to treat even the most severe forms of cancer. We’re proud to use only the latest technologies in our office, allowing us to design an effective, comfortable, and convenient treatment plan for every patient we treat. While treatments for prostate cancer used to involve invasive, uncomfortable surgeries, advances in radiation oncology now let us treat prostate cancer without surgery in a completely non-invasive procedure.

Our world-class radiation oncology treatments let us treat prostate cancer without surgery, and for most patients, there’s minimal recovery time or impact on day-to-day life. In our treatments, we use world-class radiation therapy systems to deliver high-dose radiation to the site of the tumor with pinpoint accuracy – so accurate, in fact, that the margin for error is less than the thickness of a dime. This means that we can destroy cancerous cells without harming nearby tissues, providing an effective cancer treatment that won’t harm surrounding structures and organs. For prostate cancer, that’s a very good thing.

In addition to being accurate and effective, radiation therapy treatments are among the most comfortable and convenient cancer treatments available. In most cases, the patient only undergoes treatment for a few minutes every day, presenting a minimal impact on their day to day life. Once treatment is over, there are no scars or surgeries to heal from – only follow up appointments to monitor the treatment site and ensure everything is healing normally.

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If you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with prostate or any other form of cancer, there’s no room to leave anything up to chance. When you come to Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, you ensure you’re getting the best possible cancer treatment and the most effective, convenient procedure. We’ve helped countless patients throughout the Phoenix area beat their cancer and achieve total health, and we’d be thrilled to do the same for you. So don’t wait – reach out to us at our contact page or schedule an appointment online today!

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