CyberKnife: An Innovative Cancer Treatment


With a menu of advanced therapeutic options and a team of dedicated professionals, Palo Verde Cancer Specialists is a trusted CyberKnife treatment center in the Phoenix metro area. As part of our comprehensive approach to cancer treatment, we offer board-certified cancer experts with specialists in Medical and Hematology-Oncology, Radiation Oncology and Urology. We provide many state-of-the-art methods, one of which is the groundbreaking CyberKnife system. Designed with powerful and precision focus, it’s a clinically proven effective treatment for many types of cancers.

How CyberKnife Works

The key to CyberKnife’s success is its incredible accuracy. This method uses a finely tuned, high-dose radiation beam to pinpoint and eliminate cancerous cells. Based on data it receives from sophisticated imaging, a highly-trained technician navigates a computer-controlled robot to deliver the radiation beams. Continuous X-ray imagining detects even the smallest movement of tumors inside your body.

With its sub-millimeter accuracy and flexibility, CyberKnife can target cancers at thousands of different angles. Since it opens up a huge range of treatment possibilities, CyberKnife’s versatility and precision make it ideal for several kinds of scenarios:

  • Tumors that are difficult to reach
  • Cancers inoperable by traditional surgical means
  • Tumors in sensitive areas such as the brain, spine, liver, or lungs
  • Patients not physically able to have surgery
  • Individuals desiring lower treatment risks
  • Patients who want shorter recovery times

CyberKnife can be used alone in a treatment plan or coupled with surgical procedures. As a bonus, it’s a viable option for patients with previous radiation treatments whose cancers have returned. CyberKnife limits future radiation exposure by targeting only the tumors’ exact locations.

The Benefits of CyberKnife

At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we offer CyberKnife treatments tailored to your specific needs and delivered in a soothing atmosphere. Our outpatient clinic features comfortable treatment couches where you can breathe normally and listen to music. With no invasive head frames or body restrictions, you can truly relax during each session.

Therapeutic sessions occur once per day for a succession of five days, which is much shorter than standard radiation treatment plans that can last up to 45 days. Thanks to its accuracy, it also avoids surrounding healthy tissue and comes with fewer negative side effects. CyberKnife is also approved by Medicare and most insurance providers, making it accessible to more individuals.

Your CyberKnife Center in Palo Verde


A cancer diagnosis can bring fear and uncertainty. With Palo Verde Cancer Specialists at your side, you’re not alone. Our CyberKnife system can improve your odds in your battle against cancer. We have several locations in Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Glendale and offer a convenient Saturday clinic to help you fit treatments into your schedule. To book an appointment or get your questions answered, simply fill out our online contact form today.


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