4 Reasons to Get Checked For Prostate Cancer At a Young Age

Cancer screenings are never fun, even if you aren’t necessarily scared of them. They’re yet another doctor’s appointment in the minds of many, and it can be easy to feel the impulse to put yours off. However, for prostate cancer, in particular, it is often better to get started early rather than putting your screenings off for the future. In the past, it was recommended that men begin receiving prostate cancer screenings in middle age, but in recent years, more advanced testing methods have been developed, making it easier for men to be tested. For example, prostate-specific antigen tests allow a prostate cancer specialist to detect potential cancer through blood tests.

With that being said, let’s look into some of the pros of being screened for prostate cancer at a young age.

1. Prostate Cancer Is Common

Although not every man will get prostate cancer, it is a fairly common cancer. Roughly one in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at some point in his lifetime. Therefore, it’s simply better to hedge your bets and begin screenings early. Ideally, you’ll never get prostate cancer, but if you do…

2. An Earlier Diagnosis Can Mean a Better Prognosis

Different types of prostate cancer have different levels of aggression. However, general wisdom tells us that the earlier cancer is detected, the more quickly doctors can be fighting it, thus, the better your prognosis will be. If you detect prostate cancer early when you’re still young, your body will be better able to manage the treatment. A younger immune system will be better equipped to fight.

3. Your Family History

If you have a family history of prostate cancer, you should certainly get tested at a younger age. You’ll be more likely to develop prostate cancer, generally speaking, if your family history features prostate cancer. That being said, a family history of cancer in any form is a great reason to schedule regular screenings.

4. It’s Simple

A big reason why you should consider beginning prostate cancer screening at a young age is that it’s simple. PSA tests, again, are little more than blood tests. You don’t necessarily have to start with the more invasive physical exam unless red flags are raised by your PSA test.

If your test does reveal any issues, don’t panic. You can speak with a prostate cancer specialist about your treatment options. Remember: the sooner cancer is discovered, the better the patient’s prognosis. So what are you waiting for? Call and schedule your appointment today!

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