Head & Neck Cancer

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A cancer diagnosis is one of life’s scariest, most challenging experiences – but no matter what you’re up against, you never have to face is alone. Palo Verde Cancer Specialists is proud to provide world-class cancer treatment to patients throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area, operating six state-of-the-art cancer treatment facilities equipped to deal with even the most severe forms of cancer. We proudly treat a wide variety of cancerous conditions at our offices, and if you or a loved one have recently been diagnosed with head & neck cancer, we’re here to help.

About Head & Neck Cancers

Head & neck cancer isn’t a single condition, but an umbrella term used to label any cancer of the mouth, nose, sinuses, salivary glands, throat, or lymph nodes in the neck. Most begin in the lining of the mouth, throat, or nose, and smoking or smokeless tobacco use is a common cause of these cancers, accounting for roughly 75% of cases. They’re more common in men than in women, and alcohol use also increases the likelihood of developing them.

In the past, head & neck cancers were often difficult to treat because of their location. If a cancer forms in the nose or inside of a sinus, it’s especially difficult to reach through surgery, and even if treatment is successful, the surgery will likely leave a disfiguring scar. Now, we’re able to treat head & neck cancers with non-surgical, non-invasive radiation therapy, providing a cancer treatment that leaves virtually no marks or side effects. With this technology, head & neck cancers are generally easy to treat if detected and diagnosed early on.

Symptoms of Head & Neck Cancer

Because head & neck cancers can affect several different structures in the respiratory tract, they may display a wide variety of symptoms, sometimes making them more difficult to detect. It’s important to be watchful for any changes or unusual problems affecting the head, neck, or throat, but the most common symptoms of head & neck cancers include:

  • Swelling or a sore that does not go away (this is the most common symptom of all)
  • An unusual red or white patch in the mouth that doesn’t heal
  • Any unexplained change in the voice or unusual hoarseness
  • Lasting nasal congestion or a blockage in the nasal passageways
  • Foul bad breath or extreme halitosis in spite of strong oral hygiene
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing
  • Double vision
  • Any blood in the saliva, phlegm, or mucus
  • Sore throat that doesn’t go away
  • Any lump or mass in the mouth, throat or neck, whether painful or not
  • Dentures that stop fitting
  • Loosened teeth
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Persistent ear or jaw pain
  • Numbness or weakness in any part of the head or neck
  • Frequent, unusual nosebleeds or nasal discharge

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