Advanced Radiation Oncology Cancer Treatments

Battling cancer is hard, but with the right support and treatment team, beating cancer is possible. At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we believe everyone has a chance to fully recover from cancer and live a healthy life in remission. Our radiation oncology specialists work with each individual patient to find a radiation therapy that is right for them and their particular type of cancer.

What is Radiation Therapy?

Radiation therapy is a powerful class of cancer treatments that use electromagnetic radiation to precisely target cancerous cells, eliminating tumors without the need for an incision and while protecting surrounding healthy tissues. The Scottsdale radiation oncology center may use radiation therapy to do the following:

  • As a primary treatment to destroy cancer cells
  • As a combination treatment with other cancer treatments like chemotherapy to kill cancer cells
  • To shrink a tumor prior to other cancer treatments
  • To relieve harsh symptoms of advanced cancer and preserve the quality of life

Radiation therapy is an important part of cancer treatment. Imagining techniques allow radiation oncologist to closely monitor the size and location of a tumor. By using specifically targeted radiation therapy, our cancer physicians can preserve healthy tissue and cells, but destroy cancerous tissue and cells.

Radiation Therapy at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists

As one of the leading cancer treatment centers in West Valley and the greater Phoenix, AZ area, we’re proud to offer a comprehensive selection of industry-leading radiation therapy treatments. Our cancer treatment centers offer advanced radiation therapy systems including:

To learn more about the radiation therapy treatments we offer and how they can help you reclaim whole-body health, ask our oncology specialists and cancer doctors if radiation therapy is right for you.

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