Dedicated to Excellence

I am a person who has had to remain in “maintenance” chemo for almost seven years. During this time I have grown to deeply appreciate the caregiving and caring provided at PVHO.

Dedicated to Excellence

Dedicated to Excellence and Quality:

Palo Verde began participating in a practice-based quality improvement program sponsored by American Society of Clinical Oncologists (ASCO). The purpose is to promote excellence in cancer care by helping practices create a culture of self-examination and improvement. Palo Verde has been involved in Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI) since April, 2006 and was the only oncology practice from Arizona that participated.

This entails retrospective chart reviews, twice each year, of oncology care delivered, including a menu of measure sets, automated data analysis and reports that provide practice-specific and aggregate comparison data; and a network of resources for improvement. The chart abstraction process is lengthy for each measure assessed during the collection period. The manual labor involved in participating in the program is a large cost to the practice without any reimbursement. However, by these measures, it is our belief that Palo Verde has demonstrated improved patient care through quality indicators and utilization of communication skills in peer reviews.



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