What To Bring

I am a person who has had to remain in “maintenance” chemo for almost seven years. During this time I have grown to deeply appreciate the caregiving and caring provided at PVHO.

What to Bring

We strive to keep waiting times to a minimum, but please realize that delays can occur due to emergencies and unforeseen patient needs.

We ask that you always:

  • Bring your driver’s license or other photo ID.
  • Bring your current health insurance cards.
  • Let us know whenever you change your address, telephone number, employment, marital status or insurance.
  • Bring a list of all medications that you are currently taking (including over-the-counter remedies, vitamins and herbal supplements.)
  • Write down any questions or concerns that you may have to discuss with your physician.
  • If you wish, bring someone with you to help listen to your physician’s comments and responses to your questions.
  • Make or verify your next appointment every time you visit the clinic. This includes lab, medication and radiology appointments.

When you arrive for your appointment our staff will ask you to produce the information listed above. This requirement may be waived if you have visited the practice within the last six months.

If you have not completed a registration form within the last six months, our staff will verify your current information on file and, if appropriate, update your information.

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