5 Cancer Symptoms Men Should Not Ignore

Cancer seems to be so prevalent these days that many people may feels aches and pains and wonder…”Could this be cancer?”  Unexpected aches and pains may leave you concerned and if they linger for more than a few hours or a day, your concern may increase.  But, how can you tell the difference between normal aches and pains and what could be potential cancer symptoms?   If you Google just about any ache or pain, you can probably find a website that says it could be cancer.  According to the internet, it seems like everything could be a sign that you have cancer.  So, when should you make an appointment with your doctor and when should you wait?  Men, in particular, tend to wait on symptoms that they should possibly not ignore because they are either embarrassed or have dismissed them as something minor.   When it comes to cancer, early detection can mean the difference between life and death.  Below are a list of possible cancer symptoms that men should not ignore.

  1. Abnormalities When Urinating

Symptoms such as increased frequency of needing to urinate, irregular stream (dribbling or leaking), or issues getting urine to come out are all symptoms that there could be a problem with your prostate.   If you notice a change in your urination frequency or an irregular stream,  or if you see blood in your urine, it is wise to speak to a physician and discuss what could be causing the change.

  1. Bowel Changes

As unpleasant as it may be to discuss with a physician, changes in your bowel movements could be a symptom of cancer and need to be addressed.  Frequent diarrhea, constipation or the sudden appearance of blood in your stool are symptoms that you should seek medical advice for because they could indicate colon or rectal cancer.

  1. Testicular Lumps

It is important to regularly check your testicles for lumps.  If any lumps are felt, they should be immediately addressed with a physician as they could be a symptom of testicular cancer.  Additionally, if any changes are noticed in your testicles, such as abnormal heaviness or any other changes, speak to a physician.

  1. Unexpected Weight Loss

Many people might appreciate a sudden and unexpected loss of weight but if you have not made any efforts to lose weight such as changing diet or increasing exercise, sudden weight loss should not occur.  Unexpected weight loss is a common cancer symptom in pancreatic cancer, stomach cancer and lung cancer.  Additionally, it could be a sign of something wrong with yoru thyroid.

  1. Breast Changes

Yes, men we are still talking to you.  While many men do not think of breast cancer as something they need to think about, men can actually be diagnosed with breast cancer.  While many men do not think about checking their breast tissue, they should because a large number of men that eventually do get diagnosed with breast cancer are actually in a later stage because they did not check their breast tissue.  Men should regularly check their breast tissue for any lumps or changes.  If anything is felt, consult a physician who can offer their opinion and recommend testing.

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