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Cancer is among the most challenging experiences one can face in life, and few cancerous conditions are as scary as brain cancer – but no matter what you’re up against, the cancer treatment experts at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists can help. We operate six state-of-the-art cancer treatment centers throughout the greater Phoenix, AZ area, and we’re proud to provide a wide range of treatment options for brain cancer.


Radiation Therapy Brain Cancer Treatment


Radiation therapy can be an effective, convenient nonsurgical solution for patients fighting brain cancer, and our cancer centers all specialize in advanced radiation therapy. This form of treatment requires no incisions or surgery, using advanced medical technology to deliver precision, high-dose radiation through the skull, directly to the site of the tumor. Our radiation therapy treatments include:


  • TomoTherapy: This system uses a circular delivery device to effortlessly target pinpoint radiation anywhere in the body, providing a convenient and effective solution for many forms of cancer.
  • TrueBeam: Another option for radiation therapy, TrueBeam combines powerful radiation delivery with advanced motion tracking to create an effective treatment for many forms of cancer.


Other Brain Cancer Treatment Options


While we specialize in radiation therapy, we are a full service cancer center and can offer a number of other options as well. Some of our other treatment options for brain cancer include:


  • Chemotherapy: A common treatment for many cancers, this uses specialized drugs that target fast-growing cells in the body. Chemotherapy is often effective when cancer has spread throughout the body and can’t be eliminated by targeting a single tumor.
  • Targeted Therapy: This is similar to chemotherapy, but uses new classes of specialized cancer-fighting drugs that often produce fewer side effects.
  • Immunotherapy: In this treatment, we use pharmaceutical drugs to stimulate the immune system to attack the cancer cells on its own, providing an effective cancer treatment that may have fewer side effects.
  • Clinical Trials: Some patients may be eligible to participate in clinical trials, which can give you access to newer, experimental treatments. Talk with your cancer doctor to find out if there are any clinical trials available that may be right for you.


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Ultimately, only you and your cancer doctor can decide what the best treatment is for your unique situation – and no matter what you choose, the team at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists is committed to standing with you throughout treatment. Contact us today to find out more about the treatments we have to offer or request a consultation online to get started with treatment. We look forward to helping you beat cancer and reclaim your life.

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