Brain Cancer – Types & Stages

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Types of Brain Cancer

Brain cancer is divided into specific types and subconditions based on the kind of cell or brain tissue where the tumor originally arose. Generally, brain cancers fall into one of the following categories:

  • Gliomas
  • Meningiomas
  • Pituitary Adenomas
  • Vestibular Schwannomas
  • Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors

Each of these conditions refers to a particular type of tissue, and each subtype of brain cancer has its own specific outlooks, characteristics, and treatment possibilities.

Stages of Brain Cancer

Unlike most forms of cancer, which use a TNM (tumor, node, metastasis) rubric for staging and assessing the seriousness of the condition, brain cancer is described only based on its grade. The grade of brain cancer describes how abnormal and aggressive the cells in a tumor are. The reason for this is that brain cancer is far less likely to spread to other parts of the body than other forms of cancer – so the main concern is how quickly the tumor will grow.

Brain cancer is graded according to the following rubric:

  • Grade I: The tumor is benign, and its cells look very similar to healthy brain tissue. Grade I tumors almost always grow very slowly.
  • Grade II: These tumors are malignant, and their cells look abnormal compared to healthy brain cells.
  • Grade III: The cells in these malignant tumors look very different from normal cells, and the tumor will grow aggressively.
  • Grade IV: This describes the most aggressive tumors with the most abnormal cells.

It’s important to note that because the brain is the command center of the body, any form of abnormality can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening problems – so even low grade brain cancers are an extremely serious condition and usually require immediate treatment.

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