PET Scan Imaging

Palo Verde Cancer Specialists continually uses the most advanced technology to diagnose, treat, and eliminate a wide variety of cancers. Our radiation center utilizes technology like PET scan imaging to detect the early signs of cancer, where cancer is located, and understand the cancer’s position. Technology like PET scan imaging helps our radiation oncology team create the most appropriate treatment plan for each patient. The more we know about a particular type of cancer, the better we can treat it.


What is PET Scan Imaging?

A positron emission tomography (PET) scan produces images of a patient’s organs and tissues. When administering a PET scan, a safe radioactive chemical will be injected into the patient called a radiotracer and a device called a PET scanner will be used. Our doctors can detect diseased or abnormal cells when they absorb a large amount of the radiotracer. If this is seen on the PET scan imaging, it may indicate a potential health problem.

PET Scan Imaging & Cancer Treatment

A PET scan can be used at different stages of diagnosing and treating cancer. If our Scottsdale radiation oncology doctors suspect cancer could be the problem, a PET scan may be ordered to detect the early stages of cancer and where the cancer is located. A PET scan may also be used to get better imaging of a specific organ or tumor to understand where the cancer is located and if it is touching other important organs or tissues.

A PET scan can show us the following:

  • Vital functions like blood flow, oxygen use, and blood sugar metabolism.
  • Organs and tissues that are not functioning as they should.
  • Cancerous tumors and their metastasis (if they have spread and how far).
  • A reduction in a cancerous tumor due to treatment.


What to Expect with a PET Scan

At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we try our best to make testing and treatments convenient for the patient. For that reason, you can expect the following when undergoing a PET scan at our radiation center:

  • Immediate appointments available for PET scans to fit your schedule.
  • An appointment length of about two hours to complete a PET scan.
  • Same-day results from your scan.
  • A full explanation from your radiation oncology team about the results.


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