5 Signs You Should See a Breast Cancer Specialist

breast cancer specialist

According to figures from the National Cancer Institute, approximately 39.5% of the men and women in this country will at least once in their lives be diagnosed with some type of cancer. Among American women, breast cancer is the most prevalent and second deadliest form of the disease, claiming more than 40,000 lives in 2020 alone. The best way to deal with breast cancer is through early detection, but it is of utmost importance to first recognize the symptoms. Here are five signs that if you have, you should seek the services of a breast cancer specialist:

  • 1) A lump that develops anywhere from the chest to the armpit.
  • 2) A discharge from a nipple of something other than milk.
  • 3) Changes in the shape of the nipple, which may appear to be unusually flat or swollen.
  • 4) Changes in the skin with regard to its color, specifically a reddish appearance, and in its texture, including what seems to be “dimples” on its surface.
  • 5) Pain in the general area, although cancer may not in its early stages produce any unusual physical sensations.

Different Types of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer normally develops in the sacs that produce or the ducts that carry human milk. However, there are other types of the disease that display their own symptoms and are best identified by a breast cancer specialist. Inflammatory breast cancer usually does not involve lumps, but it can still be recognized by swelling and redness in the skin. Invasive cancer will spread to other areas of the breast, while metastatic cancer will spread to other parts of the body. Though rare, breast cancer in men can still occur, with some 2,600 cases and about 500 deaths reported in the United States in 2020. The symptoms are generally the same as when the disease develops in women.

Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Breast cancer can be hereditary, but most women who are affected by it have no family history of the disease. More obvious risk factors include obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, and the use of birth control pills. The best way women can protect themselves from the disease is through regular mammograms. Using such internal imaging of the body, a breast cancer specialist can detect the disease in its earliest stages and develop a treatment plan.

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