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Fighting cancer is one of life’s toughest battles – but at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we’re here to help you fight it. As a leading cancer treatment provider serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area, we’re proud to offer cutting-edge radiation therapy treatments for virtually all forms of cancer. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, we can help. Getting answers to the most common questions is a great place to start.

Common Questions About Bladder Cancer


What is bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is any cancerous growth or tumor that starts in the cells of the bladder. Bladder tumors may develop in the urethra, renal pelvis, or ureters, but the most common place for them to start is on the inner lining of the bladder.

How do I know if I have bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is difficult to detect in its early stages, as many of its symptoms are easy to mistake for a urinary tract infection. This can make early detection difficult, which makes bladder cancer harder to treat. That said, the most common, characteristic symptoms of bladder cancer are bloody urine, increased frequency of urination, and pain while urinating. If you experience any of these problems, talk with your doctor.

What causes bladder cancer?

Scientists don’t fully understand the exact causal mechanisms of bladder cancer, but researchhas outlined a number of risk factors that increase the likelihood of any one individual to developbladder cancer. The most prevalent risk factor is smoking, as smokers are twice as likely todevelop bladder cancer as the general population. Other major risk factors include exposure tocertain chemicals and carcinogens, often in the workplace.

What are the treatment options for bladder cancer?

As with all forms of cancer, the treatment options for bladder cancer vary greatly from patient to patient. Treatment depends on the specifics of the condition as well as the medical history of the patient, and only you and your doctor can choose the right treatment course for you. The most common treatments for bladder cancer include:

Your cancer doctor may elect to combine two or more of these treatments to achieve the best possible result – it all depends on the specifics of your case.

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If you’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed – but remember that no matter what, there’s always hope. As a leading cancer treatment provider in Phoenix, we at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists help patients beat even serious forms of cancer every day. Take the first step to recovery and contact us today to schedule a consultation. We’ll help you create a treatment plan, beat your cancer, and reclaim the healthy, normal life you deserve

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