Gynecologic Cancer – Types & Stages

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A cancer diagnosis of any kind is scary – but when you seek treatment with Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, you know you always have someone on your side. As a leading cancer treatment provider serving the greater Phoenix, AZ area, we offer a wide range of convenient, comprehensive cancer treatments to our patients. We proudly treat virtually every form of cancer, including all types & stages of gynecologic cancer.


Types of Gynecologic Cancer


Unlike other specific conditions, gynecologic cancer is a blanket term referring to any cancer originating in a woman’s reproductive organs. To that end, there are several specific subtypes of gynecologic cancer, and each of these subtypes may have different specific conditions depending on where the cancer forms. The subtypes of gynecologic cancer include:


  • Uterine Cancer
  • Cervical Cancer
  • Vaginal Cancer
  • Vulvar Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer


Stages of Gynecologic Cancer


As with most cancers, gynecologic cancers are staged using a four or five stage system, ranging from Stage 0 to Stage IV. Staging is determined by the TMN methodology, which assesses three key variables:


  • Tumor: How large is the original cancerous tumor?
  • Node: Has the cancer infected any lymph nodes?
  • Metastasis: Has the cancer spread to distant organs or sites in the body?


The specific staging of gynecologic cancer varies based on the subtype – the stages of uterine cancer will have different criteria than the stages of vulvar cancer, as they affect different cells in the body. That said, the higher the stage of cancer, the more severe the condition and the farther it has spread through the body.


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