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As world-class cancer treatment experts serving the Phoenix, AZ area, we take pride in helping patients of all ages battle cancer and beat it on their own terms – and if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with lymphoma, we’re committed to helping you overcome it. Our six state-of-the-art Phoenix cancer centers feature the best cancer treatment technology that science has to offer, and we work with each patient individually to design a treatment plan that fits into their lifestyle. We treat cancerous conditions of all kinds at our treatment centers, and we offer a variety of treatment options for lymphoma patients.

Treatment Options for Lymphoma

Because lymphoma is a disease that affects the lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, treatment can sometimes be more difficult than with other forms of cancer. This is because while some cancers begin as a localized tumor with a definite position in the body, lymphoma is, by nature, more diffuse – lymphocytes travel freely throughout the body, so localized treatments like surgery sometimes don’t work. While it’s possible to surgically remove a tumor in the colon, it isn’t possible to surgically remove all diseased lymphocytes in one operation.

Because of this, most of the treatment options available for lymphoma patients are systemic cancer treatments. These treatments affect the entire body, targeting cancer cells no matter where they are. While these treatments may be effective, they can also come with more side effects than a localized treatment. All that said, everything depends on your specific case, and only you and your cancer doctor can decide which treatment is most effective for you.

We offer a variety of cancer treatments for lymphoma, any of which may be an option for you. Our treatments include:

  • Chemotherapy: This treatment uses pharmaceutical drugs that target fast-growing cells, attacking cancerous cells anywhere in the body.
  • Targeted Therapy: Similar to chemotherapy, this treatment also uses specialized drugs. Targeted therapy can sometimes come with less significant side effects than chemo.
  • Immunotherapy: This treatment uses drugs that, instead of targeting cancer cells directly, bolster the body’s immune system. This helps the body attack cancer cells on its own.
  • Radiation Therapy: While it’s not always an option, radiation therapy of affected lymph nodes may be an appropriate treatment in some cases.
  • Surgery: In some cases, surgery may also be an option.

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Ultimately, there is no single perfect treatment for lymphoma, and your cancer doctor may recommend a combination of multiple treatments to achieve the best results – it all depends on the specifics of your case. But no matter what type of lymphoma you have or what stage your cancer, the team at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists is standing by to help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and start on the road to recovery. We’ll help you beat cancer and reclaim your life – no matter what you’re up against.

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