Pancreatic Cancer – Treatment Options

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If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, we understand that you probably feel overwhelmed – but we’re here to help. As a leading cancer treatment provider in the greater Phoenix area, we’re proud to offer world-class cancer treatments from our six state-of-the-art cancer care centers. Our cancer treatment team features some of the brightest radiation oncologists and cancer doctors in the field, and we offer a wide range of treatments for pancreatic cancer.


Radiation Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer


Radiation therapy involves using specialized machinery to deliver radiation – the same type of energy in sunlight – to the tumor, destroying cancerous cells. Radiation therapy isn’t always a viable treatment for pancreatic cancer, but it may be appropriate in some cases. We offer a number of radiation therapy treatments at our cancer centers:


  • TrueBeam: TrueBeam offers precision radiation therapy to fight tumors almost anywhere in the body.
  • TomoTherapy: With a circular delivery device, TomoTherapy allows for delivery of low-dose radiation anywhere in the body from any angle.


Other Treatment Options for Pancreatic Cancer


In addition to radiation therapy, we offer a number of other treatments:


  • Chemotherapy: This treatment uses specialized drugs that attack fast-growing cells anywhere in the body, making it a good option for cancers that have spread throughout the body.
  • Targeted Therapy: This is similar to chemotherapy, but uses newer drugs that may produce less intense side effects.
  • Immunotherapy: This method uses drugs that stimulate the immune system to attack cancer cells.
  • Surgery: Surgical resection is a common treatment for pancreatic cancer and can be effective in the early stages.


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