Foods that Help Fight Cancer

Foods that Help Fight Cancer


Blueberries, foods that help

It is no secret that a healthy diet plays a major role in optimal body function and can lengthen one’s life.   Cancer is a disease that attacks the human body at its very core.   Whether you know someone that has had cancer or you have been diagnosed, you know it is important to do everything you can to fight the disease.   If you are making healthier food choices because you have a family history of cancer, or because you yourself have cancer, it is a great step in the right direction.  A well rounded diet will not only help you prevent or fight cancer, but will put you on the right road to recovery if you have beaten cancer.  One of the first, and most well known foods for fighting cancer are berries.  It will not be hard to increase these in your diet as they are incredibly delicious and are a great addition to any meal of the day.  Yahoo Health discusses just why berries are a cancer fighting food, ” The rich, dark colors of blueberries, Brazilian acai berries, raspberries and cranberries come from phytochemicals that protect against numerous types of cancer. Most recently, researchers at the University of Florida found that the active ingredient in acai berries destroyed cancer cells when tested in cell cultures. And blueberries and muscadine grapes contain compounds that recent research shows cause cancer cells in the liver to self-destruct. In studies particularly important to women, cranberries have recently been discovered to be an important weapon in the fight against deadly ovarian cancer. Studies reported at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society found that ovarian cancer cells that were becoming resistant to platinum chemotherapy – the standard of care for ovarian cancer – became six times more sensitive when exposed to a compound in cranberries. The anti-cancer properties of all these berries are so strong that researchers have developing concentrated supplements and other products such as purees and concentrates.”  Another food that will not only help fight cancer, but will provide a number of health benefits is broccoli.  Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable that contains an important compound called sulforaphane that helps increase the human body’s  protective enzymes.  Additionally, think of broccoli, and all cruciferous vegetables, as tiny brooms for the human body.  When ingested, they help clean out things that should not be there like cancer causing chemicals.  Next, be sure to eat your beans.  You may not necessarily think beans are cancer fighting just by looking at them, but they have wonderful health benefits.   Doctor Oz describes why everyone should be eating more beans to prevent cancer, “White beans (cannellini, kidney and navy) are loaded with even more cancer-fighting dietary fiber than healthy red beans. By eating these fiber-rich superfoods, you can reduce the risk of many cancers and other potential killers, including brain aneurysms. These legumes are also loaded with flavonoids and other phytochemical that slow cancer cell growth and decrease chronic inflammation.”  Another great cancer fighting food you can find in any supermarket is tomatoes.  Tomatoes are packed with lycopene, antioxidant that  offers a number of benefits, including cancer prevention.   There have been a number of studies that show a link between increased lycopene intake and cancer prevention in various types of cancer such as prostate, breast and lung.  It is important to eat these cancer fighting foods and more.   Choose a well balanced, plant-based diet, to help fight or beat cancer and live the healthiest life you can.

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