At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, our Scottsdale oncologists and doctors work exceedingly hard to provide comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatments. To do so, we work extensively with hematology, particularly for lymphoma cancer treatments and other cancers of the blood. If you have been recently diagnosed with lymphoma or leukemia, Palo Verde Cancer Specialists will do everything in our power to treat your cancer and restore your health.


What is Hematology?


Hematology is the study of blood, blood-forming organs, and blood diseases. Hematology includes the treatment of a number of blood disorders and illnesses like hemophilia, leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma, and sickle-cell anemia. Hematologists focus primarily on lymphatic organs, bone marrow, and blood irregularities to treat and prevent cancers of the blood and other blood disorders.

Types of Blood Cancers

There are three main types of blood cancers that rely heavily on hematology, they include the following:

Leukemia: Leukemia is a type of cancer that is found in your blood and bone marrow. Leukemia is caused by the rapid production of abnormal white blood cells. These abnormal white blood cells are unable to fight infection and instead impair the entire immune system and slow the production of red blood cells and platelets.

Lymphoma: Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that affects the lymphatic system. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that fight infection. When abnormal lymphocytes are reproduced, they collect in your lymph nodes (like your spleen) and other tissues and over time impair your immune system.

Myeloma: Myeloma is a cancer of the plasma cells within your blood. Plasma cells are the white blood cells that produce antibodies to fight off infection. When abnormal plasma cells are produced, your body’s immune system is weakened and instead, very susceptible to infection.

Blood Cancer Treatments

Each patient and their unique type of cancer is different, meaning their cancer treatment will be different as well. At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we may use a combination of the following treatments to treat your blood cancer:

  • Blood products and derivatives
  • Blood processing
  • Hematinics
  • Immunosuppressives
  • Chemotherapy and other anti-tumor agents
  • Supportive care and pain management
  • Anticoagulants and antithrombotic agents
  • Progenitor cell therapies and stem cell therapy


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