How Varied Are Types of Cancer and Their Treatment?

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The trusted experts at your Glendale cancer treatment center are committed to standing by your side and helping you overcome cancer, no matter the diagnosis. We understand that if you’ve been diagnosed with cancer of any kind, you want to be armed with as much knowledge as possible about your disease, so you can feel confident in the course of action you choose to take. So, let’s take a look at a common question many cancer patients have: Aren’t all cancers just one disease?


Why Is There Still No Cure For Cancer?


Many people, whether cancer patients or not, have wondered why science has yet to come up with a cure for cancer. After all, we’ve progressed by leaps and bounds in the world of medicine over the years. So, why is there still no cure for cancer?


Unfortunately, it’s a lot more complicated than simply finding one cure for cancer. What many fail to recognize is that cancer is not just one disease and cannot be put in one box. There are hundreds of different types of cancers, each with different characteristics, and each responding to different forms of treatment. Let’s take a closer look.


Various Types of Cancer & Treatment


Because prostate and breast cancers form in areas largely regulated by hormones, these cancers typically respond to hormone therapies which prevent the cancer cells from receiving the hormones they need to spread. However, other cancers, such as lung cancer, do not respond at all to hormone therapy, and instead respond to treatments like chemo, radiation therapy, surgery, and others. Each cancer behaves very differently based on a variety of factors, and depending on its unique molecular profile.


Science has also proven that it is much easier to cure cancer in animals where the disease has been artificially induced, than in humans where cancer originates naturally. It is a mistake to assume that any drug, therapy, or treatment that is successful in treating one cancer will be successful for another cancer, even if both cancers originate from the same location in the body. The disease is simply too varied and complicated for this to be the case. Glendale oncologists are learning more and more about the complexities of cancer and their corresponding treatments every day.


Be Your Own Advocate


As a cancer patient, realize that any claims made about a simple or quick-fix cure or alternative approach for cancer should not be trusted. Advocate for yourself and your treatment when presented with claims that are not scientifically sound. Most importantly, know that your diagnosis is unique, and arm yourself with knowledge about its specific type, site, grade, characteristics, and generally successful treatment avenues.


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At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we understand that a cancer diagnosis of any kind can be devastating. That’s why we’re committed to walk beside you through every step of your journey. If you have any questions regarding Glendale oncology, or if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer, we encourage you to contact us today, or book an appointment at your Glendale cancer treatment center now. We believe there is always hope, and we look forward to setting you on the path toward a healthy, cancer-free life.

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