Palo Verde Cancer Specialists use the most innovative and effective cancer treatments in Scottsdale, including immunotherapy. Our cancer center utilizes immunotherapy when a cancer patient needs to boost their immune system and fight off cancer cells at the same time. Depending on the individual patient and their unique type of cancer, our oncologists may choose to use immunotherapy in combination with other treatments.


What is Immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy, also sometimes called immuno-oncology, is a type of cancer treatment that uses the power of the body’s immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate cancer. Immunotherapy can educate the immune system to recognize specific cancer cells and eliminate them. Additionally, immunotherapy can provide the body with components to enhance a stronger immune response against cancer. In the simplest terms, immunotherapy can help strengthen the immune system against cancer.

Immunotherapy & Cancer

Immunotherapy has the potential to help reduce or eliminate all types of cancers. However, immunotherapy has shown to work better for some types of cancer and for some individual patients. It will really depend on your diagnosis and immune system overall.

If your cancer doctor decides you are a good candidate for immunotherapy, they will take many factors into consideration when creating your cancer treatment in Scottsdale. First, they will decide on a specific type of immunotherapy drug, the dosage, and the treatment schedule. These measurements will be based on your type of cancer, the size of the tumor(s), the location of the cancer, and if it has spread to other organs. Additionally, they will also take your age, general health, body weight, and how well you cope with side effects into account when formulating your treatment plan.

Ask Your Cancer Doctor if Immunotherapy is Right for You!

If you have been recently diagnosed with cancer, contact Palo Verde Cancer Specialists to discuss your options. Our cancer doctors understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate your diagnosis and the treatment options available. Let our cancer center help. We look forward to eliminating your cancer and restoring your health with our Scottsdale cancer treatment!

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