National Cancer Survivor Day

National Cancer Survivor DayAt Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, June is one of our favorite months of the year – yes, even despite the Arizona heat. That’s because besides ushering in high summer, the first Sunday in June is National Cancer Survivors Day. As a world-class cancer treatment center, this day holds special significance for us, and we’re always excited to celebrate it as the summer months approach.

Modern Cancer Treatment is More
Effective Than Ever

In the early days after cancer was discovered and recognized as a condition, a diagnosis was almost the same as a death sentence. There was a stigma on cancer diagnosis and almost nothing was known about the disease or how to treat it, which meant that people suffering from cancer had few options for moving forward. Thankfully, the picture has changed greatly since then.

Today, advances in medical technology allow us to treat cancer more successfully and more conveniently than ever before. Cancer treatment surgery is more effective than ever, and radiation therapy treatments mean patients can beat cancer without every having to go under anesthesia – or even experience side effects. Mortality rates from nearly all forms of cancer continue to decrease and treatment success rates improve, and at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we’re proud to be a part of that improvement.

We take pride in providing world-class cancer treatments to patients all over the greater Phoenix area, and we’re incredibly proud to say that many of our past patients know what it means to fight cancer and win – giving them real cause to celebrate on National Cancer Survivors Day.

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This June, we encourage you to reflect on how cancer may have touched your life or the lives of those you love – and how much more possible it is to be a cancer survivor instead of another statistic. And if you or a loved one are currently battling cancer, we want to help you achieve the dream of being a cancer survivor. Don’t wait: schedule an appointment for a consultation with Palo Verde Cancer Specialists today. We’ll work with you to find a treatment method that suits your needs and your lifestyle, and because our technology allows us to treat cases that other centers can’t, we’re always happy to provide a second opinion on your treatment recommendation. Let’s work together to make sure that as many people as possible get to find out what it means to be a cancer survivor – and eventually, to make the thought of dying from cancer a thing of the past.

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