Patient Testimonials

I am a person who has had to remain in “maintenance” chemo for almost seven years. During this time I have grown to deeply appreciate the caregiving and caring provided at PVHO.

Patient Testimonials

I am alive today because of the competencies of the team at PVHO. My oncology physician is an exceptionally well-informed individual who stays on top of current research and continues to keep my personal situation in mind. The oncology nurses are not only exceptional professionals but also sensitive, caring individuals who give information and encouragement.

I am a person who has had to remain in “maintenance” chemo for almost seven years. During this time I have grown to deeply appreciate the caregiving and caring provided at PVHO.

– Judy Kula

Palo Verde folks offer the ultimate in care for cancer patients. Simply put, “They Get It.” A cancer diagnosis results in new and unpleasant emotions – fear, confusion, stress, depression – all of which affect us and our families each day. And, to add to this, we require oodles of tests, scans, meetings, file pages, treatments and more. The staff at Palo Verde “Gets It”. We’re all afraid and hurting, and in need of tender care and understanding – and every doctor and staff member knows this. I understand their smiles are for us- they radiate the love of helping others thru tough times. Next month will be my seventh anniversary with the practice. Every step of my care has been monitored by the very best folks, and it’s hardly possible to thank them enough for “Getting It”. In so many ways they’ve saved my life – my eternal gratitude to them all. 

Ann Brauchi
teacher, patient, wife, survivor
B.A., MS Ed.
Committee , Glendale Relay for Life

Dear Staff of Palo Verde, 

In early June 2009 my primary care physician referred me to an oncologist and I was diagnosed with lung cancer. I endured six weeks of frustration with a doctor who talked in generalities and offered no specific answers or plans for treatment. I was frustrated and getting worse each day. My daughter suggested that I consult with a different doctor and told me that her friend was very pleased with the physicians at Palo Verde Hematology Oncology. My primary care physician saw me on a Friday, got a referral to PVHO and I was seen the following Tuesday in the office.

I could tell immediately that this office was different from the other physician’s office. There was a feeling of warmth and caring by everyone on your staff. From the receptionist, to the nurses, to office staff and doctors, I was greeted by name with warm smiles and caring. I felt the positive energy your office exudes from day one. As you well know, a diagnosis of cancer is depressing and scary but I was immediately lifted with your loving care. My physician at PVHO hospitalized me that first day and by Sunday I had a definitive diagnosis and started chemotherapy. After that first treatment I could already feel the change as my breathing became easier.

I have to thank everyone in you r office for the wonderful treatment I’ve received. The chemo staff makes me feel like family and the other patients have become friends as we “root” for each other. I know I’m not in this alone….that I have a wonderful treatment plan and support. Your patient advocate was so helpful with our insurance and your nursing staff ran interference with our prescription drug plan. How can I ever that you enough?

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for going above and beyond in your care of me. I thank God for the support of family, friends and the staff of Palo Verde Hematology Oncology.

Thomas L. Whitaker

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