What to Expect From Your First Prostate Cancer Treatment

A prostate cancer diagnosis can be jarring. According to the American Cancer Society, about one out of eight men will be diagnosed with this type of cancer in their lifetime. One of the most frightening parts of this diagnosis is not knowing what to expect from prostate cancer treatments. The following information will help you to be better prepared.

Your First Appointment After Diagnosis

Your first appointment with the oncologist is an information-gathering appointment. Be prepared for a lot of information about your treatment options. You should bring someone with you that can help you listen to what the doctor has to say. It’s important that you understand your options.

Before your first appointment, write down any questions that you have. Doing this will ensure that you’ll remember what you wanted to ask. An individualized treatment plan will be developed for you by your prostate cancer treatment team.

Understanding Your Treatment Options

There are several different treatment options available to treat this disease. You and your cancer team will have decided at your first meeting which options are best for your specific situation. The treatments may include surgery, medication, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Your plan may include a combination of all the treatment options depending on the type of cancer you have and whether it has spread.

Each of these prostate cancer treatments is designed to target cancer and can have unique side effects. Talking to your provider about what to expect at each stage of your treatment can help to reduce anxiety about it.

Planning for Your Treatment

In some cases, surgical intervention is warranted right away. In other cases, you may have a round of chemotherapy and radiation before the surgery. In all cases, you should have a plan in place. At a minimum, you should have someone that will take you back and forth to your appointments. If you can have someone at home to help you convalesce and manage your household for you, that is also recommended.

According to the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the survival rate for localized prostate cancer at the five-year mark is 100%. After ten years, the survival rate is 98%. This goes to show that prostate cancer is highly treatable. You can beat this. Contact us at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists for the care you need.

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