What You Can Expect from Bladder Cancer Treatment

According to the World Health Organization, 10 million deaths in 2020 could be attributed to cancer. This means that one in six deaths were connected to cancer or cancer-related complications. Cancer can be a terrifying diagnosis, but there is hope. Every cancer diagnosis is unique, and there are effective treatments available for a wide variety of different cancers. The issue with cancer like bladder cancer, however, is that many of us don’t know much about it. Though the general population is hardly made up of experts on breast cancer or prostate cancer, for example, we do generally hear more about them than we do about bladder cancer.

If you’re diagnosed with bladder cancer, you do have treatment options available. Though every case will vary, you can do some degree of research ahead of time. With that being said, let’s look into the different types of bladder cancer treatment, and what you can expect from them.

1. Bladder Cancer Surgery

One of the more prominent types of bladder cancer treatment available is bladder cancer surgery. Surgery is quite often used to treat bladder cancer, even if it is done in conjunction with other treatments. In the early stages, bladder cancer is often treated through a transurethral resection of the bladder tumor. If the cancer is more advanced, a cystectomy, or partial or total removal of the bladder, may be performed. Reconstruction must then be done to create a new way for the body to pass urine.

2. Chemotherapy

Another common type of bladder cancer treatment is chemotherapy. This is often administered before surgery in order to shrink the tumor, which can also lower the risk of cancer returning following surgery. Chemotherapy may also be administered after surgery to ensure that all other cancer cells are killed. If the cancer has spread beyond the bladder, chemotherapy is often necessary.

3. Radiation

There are so many treatment plans to consider for bladder cancer. Radiation is often used in conjunction with other treatments, especially if the cancer is early stage. Additionally, radiation can be used with chemotherapy in an attempt to avoid a radical cystectomy, or the removal of the bladder)

There are options available for bladder cancer treatment. Get in touch with your doctor and discuss your options as soon as possible following a diagnosis. For more specific information on bladder cancer treatment, reach out to the professionals at Palo Verde Cancer Specialists.

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