Why Is Early Cancer Screening So Important?

local cancer centerThe threat of cancer remains pervasive, and it cannot be ignored. According to the WHO, cancer caused nearly 10 million deaths in 2020, which translates to around one in every six deaths. Advancements in the medical field are giving local cancer centers and patients a greater chance of overcoming that disease. Still, there is no substitute for early screening and potential detection. Find out why those early cancer screenings are critical by continuing to read below.


Early Cancer Screening Improves a Patient’s Survival Rate


Cancer screening is about saving lives. It does so by detecting the cancer at an early stage. When cancer is caught early, it is often more treatable.


According to the American Cancer Society, screening and associated actions can prevent thousands of additional cancer cases and deaths. Once the screening produces a cause for concern, your doctor can take further action and look for the potentially malignant tumor. If possible, they can also start working to remove that tumor to prevent the cancer from spreading.


This particular disease becomes harder to treat the longer it grows inside a patient’s body. It creates complications that can jeopardize a patient’s health, turning certain treatment methods into non-starters. Give yourself the best chance of survival by visiting local cancer centers for your screening appointments.


Early Cancer Screening Gives You Time to Organize Your Affairs


Treatment must begin right after a person is diagnosed with cancer. Immediate treatment is necessary no matter what stage of cancer you have. However, if the disease is caught early enough, you may have more time to get things in order.


You can speak to your loved ones and give them an idea of what to expect based on your doctor’s comments. If you prefer seeking treatment at specific local cancer centers, you may be able to arrange that as well. Essentially, early cancer detection gives you more control over the situation, and that’s always a good thing.


Early Cancer Screening Can Lead to Less Aggressive Treatment


Carving time out from your busy schedule for cancer screening is also a must because of how it can affect your treatment. If the cancer has already spread throughout your body, your doctor may have no choice other than to use aggressive treatment methods. Those treatment methods can be harder on your body. The less aggressive treatments utilized for early cases are easier to manage.


Early cancer screening can save your life. It can also make treating the disease a less challenging ordeal. Contact Palo Verde Cancer Specialists today if your screening returns a positive diagnosis. We offer compassionate and effective treatment to all our patients.


Posted 2/21/24

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