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October is breast cancer awareness month. It is a time to raise awareness about breast cancer, educate women on prevention and detection, and to celebrate and honor survivors of breast cancer and those who have passed. It can also be a time to get involved in a support group for breast cancer, whether you have been recently diagnosed or are a survivor of breast cancer. At Palo Verde Cancer Specialists, we recommend support groups for all of our current and previous patients as they can offer immense emotional support during and after a difficult time.

What Are Support Groups for Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer support groups can vary. If you are currently looking for a support group for breast cancer survivors, it’s important to know and understand the different types of support groups available. That way, you can choose the group that meets your needs the best. For questions about support groups, never hesitate to ask our Scottsdale radiation oncology center. The following is the basic breakdown of breast cancer support groups:

  • Open Membership: Open membership support groups allow participants to come and go freely as they see fit and attend meetings when it fits their schedule.
  • Closed Membership: Closed membership requires registration of all support group participants and normally has a meeting attendance minimum.
  • Support Groups Led By Professionals: Some support groups for breast cancer may be led by doctors, psychologists, or counselors. These professionals will facilitate the meeting and have often undergone specific training in group support.
  • Support Groups Led By Breast Cancer Survivors: Other support groups can be led by breast cancer survivors which will give a different perspective to the meetings. Breast cancer survivors are usually more relatable to current patients and other survivors because they have gone through the same steps. However, they may not have had formal training in group support or counseling.

Benefits of Support Groups for Breast Cancer Survivors

At our Scottsdale radiation oncology center, we believe participating in a support group for breast cancer survivors comes with a number of benefits. These include:

  • Building a connection with other survivors and bonding over an experience that is often isolating from other loved ones in your life.
  • Gaining tips and advice on how to deal with any stress or anxiety that comes with being a breast cancer survivor and the worry of your cancer returning.
  • Helping others with your perspective on breast cancer and the journey you have been through.

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If you are looking for a support group for breast cancer survivors, contact Palo Verde Cancer Specialists. Our team will be happy to connect you to some amazing support groups that you will love. We hope to hear from you during breast cancer awareness month!

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