TomoTherapy – Head and Neck Treatment

TomoTherapy – Head and Neck Cancers

Male-patient-comfort-inner-image2At the Palo Verde Cancer Center Scottsdale, we can treat a wide variety of head and neck cancers with our TomoTherapy HD System in an efficient manner.

Our TomoTherapy HD System delivers radiation in small beamlets, enabling your doctor to devise a treatment plan that delivers an optimal dose of radiation to your tumor, while avoiding critical structures and nearby organs. This precision results in potentially fewer side effects than with conventional radiation therapy.

Our doctors use advanced techniques with the TomoTherapy HD System that potentially reduces the dose of radiation to the salivary glandand lessen the chance of experiencing dry mouth, so you can continue eating and reduce your treatment side effects.

The Palo Verde Cancer Center Scottsdale also utilizes the TomoTherapy HD System’s daily imaging capabilities to assure that your treatment will be delivered with extreme accuracy. The daily images allow your doctor to adjust the treatment plan to account for changes in the size of the tumor and potential weight loss.

The precision of the TomoTherapy HD System also enables us to treat patients who have previously undergone head or neck radiation therapy, with a potential reduction in side effects.

Tomotherapy is offered at our Scottsdale location. Click here for more details.
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